New 2016 dog laws don’t go far enough

New dog laws are being introduced in England from April 2016 which will make it compulsory for a dog to be micro-chipped from the age of 8 weeks or the owner will face a fine of up to £500.

These laws don’t go far enough.

Sadly, simply micro-chipping a dog isn’t going far enough. There are still far to many dog owners who refuse to clean up their dog mess when the beloved pet defecates in public and many towns and cities in the UK suffer from this problem.

The times that I’ve walked down the road and seen (or trod in) dog mess are countless and it can become a real problem. Parts and woodland areas can also be no-go areas for some people who don’t want to run the risk of stepping in some shit whilst out for a daily stroll.

Introduce compulsory DNA testing.

I want to see the UK Government take this one step further and introduce compulsory DNA testing for every single dog. This would do two things:

  1. Make it easier to discover which owners are breaking the law by refusing to clean up after their dogs
  2. Make it easy to trace banned breads

Dogs are dangerous.

I’ve owned dogs in the past and I’ve also worked alongside them, and anyone who thinks that there dog is ‘perfectly safe’ is a mug.

No dog is ‘perfectly safe’ and whilst some breads have more of a tendency to strike than others all dogs have the capability to turn. Just look at the sad story of 22-year-old Liam Hewitson who was attacked and killed by his male pit bull-cross dog whilst he was having an epileptic seizure on New Years Day or the story of a young boy bitten in the face by his dog the following day.

Almost daily there are stories of people being attacked by dogs yet for some reason governments are poor to react.

And don’t let anyone tell you that it’s only large dogs or pitbulls that will attack. Recent evidence in Liverpool, UK, has shown that it’s actually smaller Jack Russell which are the breed most likely to bite.


What happened to ‘Resolve’ – the ultimate hangover cure

A few years ago I remember suffering from a terrible hangover. A hangover so bad that it made me physically sick. It was then that my mother introduced me to ‘Resolve’ sachets. Within 30 minutes of drinking one I felt incredibly better.

It was whilst reading a blog on how to get rid of (and prevent) a hangover that some research quickly revealed that Resolve is no longer produced.

It’s a shame because I’m suffering from the worst hangover today. Man I could do with some of the medicinal juice.

It turns out that the recipe for Resolve was: Paracetamol Ph Eur 1000mg, Anhydrous citric acid Ph Eur 1185mg, Sodium bicarbonate Ph Eur 808mg, Potassium bicarbonate BPC 715mg, Anhydrous sodium carbonate Ph Eur 153mg, Ascorbic acid Ph Eur 30mg, Glucose, Sucrose, Polyethylene glycol, Povidone, Lemon flavour, Saccharin sodium, Sodium cyclamate, Quinoline yellow (E104), Carbohydrate 4g.

Maybe it’s time for me to make my own? Can anyone find somewhere that it can still be purchased?